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Layout Design

Layout Design is vital when anything has to go on the web or to print. If you need brochures, flyers, posters or and online article, good layout design will improve the impact of what is written.

SimplyDigital Layout Design utilises traditional composition rules but will experiment with fringe design layout. The emfasis is on visual effect. For this we use the grid system.

The grid provides a structured framework for layout, but it should not stifle creativity or limit design. The Grid layout keeps the design within its confines, the grid layout assists, allowing the designer to dictate the look and feel of your publication.

SimplyDigital Layout Design will choose the right grid for your publication and break out of the grid to enhance your design!

Grid structures are vital to successful layout design, and especially so for designs containing a mixture of text and graphics. To understand this, examine a few magazines. When you look at an article, and no matter how random the layout appears, it will generally be based on a carefully designed grid.

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