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Digital Art

Digital Art is a very exciting environment for artists as it is enabled by new technology and can be distributed or showcased using this same new digital technology. Various forms of digital art exsist namely - fractal art, datamoshing, algorithmic art, vector art, raster art, digital drawing, line art, digital painting, digital grafitti, digital photo manipulation and many more.

SimplyDigital Digital Art will take a simple photograph and create a very exciting colourful and bold work of art to be printed on paper or canvas. Many other applications are available such as printing on wallpaper, vinyl, floor tiles and glass. Digital Art is also used in web design and graphic design to create beautiful bold images, logos, backgrounds, icons and buttons.

  • Digital-Art-Judy-BW
  • Digital-Art-Stressed-Black
  • Digital-Art-Christy-00-web
  • Digital-Art-Sunglases-Green
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