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WebPR & Social Media Marketing

Web Public Relations is an essential component of your online strategy and focuses on increasing your online presence while building credibility through higher online exposure.

Web Public Relations consists of activities focused on influencing media, communities and audiences that exist online. These include search engines, blogs, news, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools.

Web Public Relations is an effective way to get press coverage, get your customer's attention, build integrity, and ultimately: get your customer to interact with and respond to your brand.

Effective Web Public Relations include:

Increased website content - relevant (Social Media Marketing) and optimised (SEO)
Social Media Optimisation - tag, syndicate and contribute valuable content
Article Directory Submissions and Press Releases - utilising Traditional Press Releases or Media Announcements

SimplyDIgital Web PR will assist you in formulating a focused Web Public Relations strategy that will strengthen your digital presence and help prevent brand damage.

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