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Graphic Design

SimplyDigital Graphic Design is focussed on the visual communication of the clients needs. Graphic Design is about understanding the use of colour, type face and composition / layout to create the correct visual impact with the desired market sector. The market sector will be evaluated and all current trends in the catagory such as the audience’s class, gender, education, buying habits, personality traits, favorite magazines and television shows to mention a few will be taken into account.

Graphic Design is so much more than just pretty pictures. SimplyDigital Graphic Design will design fresh and current even if it is meant to look retro.

Digital Art

Digital Art is a very exciting environment for artists as it is enabled by new technology and can be distributed or showcased using this same new digital technology. Various forms of digital art exsist namely - fractal art, datamoshing, algorithmic art, vector art, raster art, digital drawing, line art, digital painting, digital grafitti, digital photo manipulation and many more.

SimplyDigital Digital Art will take a simple photograph and create a very exciting colourful and bold work of art to be printed on paper or canvas. Many other applications are available such as printing on wallpaper, vinyl, floor tiles and glass. Digital Art is also used in web design and graphic design to create beautiful bold images, logos, backgrounds, icons and buttons.

Layout Design

Layout Design is vital when anything has to go on the web or to print. If you need brochures, flyers, posters or and online article, good layout design will improve the impact of what is written.

SimplyDigital Layout Design utilises traditional composition rules but will experiment with fringe design layout. The emfasis is on visual effect. For this we use the grid system.

The grid provides a structured framework for layout, but it should not stifle creativity or limit design. The Grid layout keeps the design within its confines, the grid layout assists, allowing the designer to dictate the look and feel of your publication.

SimplyDigital Layout Design will choose the right grid for your publication and break out of the grid to enhance your design!

Grid structures are vital to successful layout design, and especially so for designs containing a mixture of text and graphics. To understand this, examine a few magazines. When you look at an article, and no matter how random the layout appears, it will generally be based on a carefully designed grid.

WebPR & Social Media Marketing

Web Public Relations is an essential component of your online strategy and focuses on increasing your online presence while building credibility through higher online exposure.

Web Public Relations consists of activities focused on influencing media, communities and audiences that exist online. These include search engines, blogs, news, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools.

Web Public Relations is an effective way to get press coverage, get your customer's attention, build integrity, and ultimately: get your customer to interact with and respond to your brand.

Effective Web Public Relations include:

Increased website content - relevant (Social Media Marketing) and optimised (SEO)
Social Media Optimisation - tag, syndicate and contribute valuable content
Article Directory Submissions and Press Releases - utilising Traditional Press Releases or Media Announcements

SimplyDIgital Web PR will assist you in formulating a focused Web Public Relations strategy that will strengthen your digital presence and help prevent brand damage.

Web Copywriting

SimplyDigital Web Copywriting services will help you reach you intended target market online. The power of high-quality web copywriting should never be underestimated in the online world.

Studies have found that web pages following best practice for web copywriting outperform those which don't. If a user arrives on a website and finds the copywriting bad, he or she will leave. Bad copywriting can also affect your Search Engine Optimisation strategy negatively and result in poor search engine rankings.

When content / copy is well-written it is without a doubt one of the most valuable methods of grabbing a user's attention.


SimplyDigital Branding thinks your brand is the foundation of your business and is of very important to the success of your company.

It’s important to build a brand that shows your company’s traditions and values yet has exciting potential for development. Your brand needs to be established in the present but also needs to look to the future with forward thinking to be able to predict and accommodate the needs of an ever-changing community.

SimplyDigital Branding prides itself in developing creatively unique brands that explore new territory and meet your company criteria by communicating your values to your target audience.

Branding can never be seen as a project with a start and an end. It is an incredibly important and never-ending process where a long-lasting impression of your business, product or service is created in the minds of your clients.

Branding is ongoing - it takes place every time your clients interact with your brand. It is an invisible dialogue that you have control over only if you are aware of the visual message and image that you are portraying.

Through good design, illustration, and conceptual processes we create the identity of your brand and build onto it as your company grows and your visions and objectives evolve.