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SimplyDigital photographic services will provide you with a photographic solution that will create the impression you require.
Good photographs are essential no matter what the purpose, be it a portrait to be printed and framed, a publisity photograph or a photograph to be used in an article on the web or print media. SimplyDigital photography has vast photographic experience in most genre of photography like Interior Photography, Exterior Photography, Decor Photography, Architectural Photography, Portrait Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography and Panoramic Photography.

Interior Photography

When photographing interiors or decor SimplyDigital uses a method called bracketing. This ensures a final product where all aspects of the photograph is evenly lit. In other words, no dark corners, no blown out - over exposed - windows and no loss of detail. All these factors are vital to show of the entire feel of a room.

Product Photography

Product or catalog photography requires attention to detail as it is mostly detail that you look at in a product photograph. To capture detail you need to understand how light is reflected and absorbed. To create a beautiful photograph of a wine bottle you would either photograph it in a controlled studio environment or on location. In the studio various techniques are used to create simple yet required reflections. For a location photograph a location needs to be sourced, either by you or in consultation with us, then a time of day needs to be decided on. If out doors the time of day is very important to the final result as it will affect the mood and quality of the photograph.

Portrait Photography

When a portrait of a person is taken by SimplyDigital, it is vital to capture the correct mood for the purpose of the photograph. It is important that the person being photographed is at ease and it is as much the responsibility of the subject as that of the photographer. Not many people get to do portraits as often as photographers do, in other words, the photographer will gve direction where required, listen without stressing. The photographer will go out of his / her way to get the photograph required but it always helps if the party being photographed is willing to meet the photographer half way. We know that this is an important photograph, capturing it can still be fun.

Live Performance Photography

Live Performance Photography is a genre that is very popular. SimplyDigital has been able to capture beautiful photographs of live performances. It is important that you get the live performance photograph that will represent all the aspects of your performance. Capturing the "vibe" of a live performance photographically is only possible because of experience and technical know-how. At Simply Digital Photography we have these skills in abundance.

Photo Finishing

Photo Finishing is a highly specialised function in producing beautiful photographs. At SimplyDigital Photo Finishing skills are not in short supply. The ability to enhance colour, sharpen detail and remove imperfections without it being noticed is a crucial part of a top class photograph.

Photo Editing

At SimplyDigital, Photo Editing is seen as fun, it entails adding or removing objects from the original photograph. This is often referred to a "mashups". It is very important when looking for a good photo editor to find some-one with the correct skill set in editing. To achieve a brilliant edited photograph the following skills are vitally important - deep etching, colour matching, edge softening, detail sharpening and a good sense of depth, we have all these skills.